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"I am indebted to Simon. His course gave me the knowledge and understanding of why I was ill, what behaviours hindered recovery and what I needed to do to gain full health and have resilience in the future. 

His course was directly responsible for me regaining my health and happiness.

I am now able to live my life to the full again. I go mountain biking, ski touring, running and am back racing again."

Ben, Vet

If you are:

  • Experiencing physical and mental fatigue

  • Experiencing anxiety and panic attacks

  • Wondering what you can do about it

  • Then you’re in the right place.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Your Doctor hasn’t been able to help

  • You’ve tried lots of things to improve your health: supplements, treatments and medication etc...

  • You feel frustrated about your lack of progress

  • You feel like you are missing out on life

The Building Resilience Programme

A comprehensive mind-body 12 week course that contains training videos, guidance, tools, worksheets, relaxation resources and more to support
physical and emotional healing.

What You Will Learn

Here is a brief overview of the key benefits of the training

Comprehensive Brain
Training Tools

Learn the unique ICI method:

Identify unhelpful responses, including the unconscious responses that have been
slipping under the radar

Choose your response

Integrate new responses that
can become your default

  • Soothe And Solve Strategies

    Soothe: Learn how to calm your physiology when you are triggered, including somatic techniques, body and breath work

    Solve: Learn tools and skills to develop a resilient mindset so you get triggered less and respond to challenges in more resourceful ways. This includes 'top down' approaches


    Learn the key elements of:

    sustainable movement strategy, so you can break patterns of boom & bust

    The essential eating plan so
    you can consistently eat a healthier diet

    The fundamentals of
    sound sleep

    Relationship To Self

    Learn how to:

    Heal wounds and trauma using a range of tools

    Build your self esteem authentically

    Relationship To Others

    Learn how to:

    Create healthy sustainable relationships, using the healthy relationships blueprint

    Communicate assertively and set clear, healthy boundaries 

    Relationship To Life

    Learn how to:

    Create a plan for life and develop essential life skills

    Cultivate good habits, so that you get a sense of clarity and feel in charge

    And much more!


    "I now really do have a life that I love and Simon, I can’t thank you enough for helping me find it."  

    Sue had ME/CFS, agoraphobia, other issues and didn't leave the house for 18 months. 

    Ann Katrin

    "My husband and I are able to make plans again, doing trips, visiting friends and enjoying every single day of our “new” life together.

    Finally, we have a life again!"


    "I sometimes find it hard to believe how much my life has changed for the past year, and I’m so happy and grateful about it. 

    I know I did most of these changes myself, but you made me believe I could do it, and that made it come true."

    Who Is It For?

    You have any of the following conditions and have tried conventional
    treatments, that haven’t got you the results you want:

    • ME/CFS

    • Fibromyalgia

    • POTS

    • Long Covid

    • Digestive issues

    • Lyme disease

    • Anxiety/panic attacks

    • Sensitivities: including chemical, light, sound

    • Other unexplained conditions

    You are prepared to:

    • Explore what you can do to influence your health

    • Be proactive in taking action to support your healing

    • Stay committed to this process - with support

    Who Is It Not For?

    If you are:

    • Expecting a quick fix

    • Seeking medical solutions

    • Not willing to take action

    Then this programme isn’t for you.

    Learning how to regulate your nervous system can take time and it does require effort on your part.

    Who Am I?

    I’m Simon Pimenta

    I am a hypnotherapist and coach and have spent over 16 years working with people with health challenges like ME/ CFS, Fibromyalgia, POTS and more recently long covid.

    In 1997, I went off sick and remained unable to work for the next 8 years, suffering from ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia.

    I would feel extremely fatigued when I ate any food and developed sensitivities to food.

  • I tried lots of things to regain my health.

    It is only when I learned mind/body and body/mind techniques that I began to recover my health, playing sport and living life again.

    I got back to working full time, teaching others what I had learned.

    I created the Building Resilience programme as I felt that there was need for a comprehensive approach that included:

    • Mind/body and body/mind approaches

    • Essential, practical life skills that many of us were not taught


    " I am working full-time at a demanding job, often doing yoga afterwards, socializing with friends, going out to dinner sleeping better than ever.

    Simon is gentle kind and will meet anyone right where they are to move at their own pace towards a healthy and fulfilling life. I couldn't recommend him more."


    "Simon was jam-packed with knowledge and use of the tools, which meant he was especially understanding and patient, and armed with an answer to any problem!"


    Thank you again so much, Simon.

    I am so grateful to you and happy that I can sustain good health and happiness like this - I feel like the luckiest girl in the world!"

    Group Programme Starting May 2023

    Choose From The Options Below

      Online Programme

    • Access to the 12 week Building Resilience Programme

    • Access to recordings of weekly live sessions

    • Weekly email tips

    • Access to bonuses

    • 121 support available for a fee



      12 Week Group Programme

    • Access to the 12 week Building Resilience Programme

    • Access to weekly live sessions and recordings - value £300

    • Weekly email tips

    • Access to bonuses + training - value £300

    • 121 support available for a fee



      One To One Programme

    • Access to the 12 week Building Resilience Programme

    • Access to weekly live sessions and recordings - value £300

    • Weekly email tips

    • Access to bonuses + training - value £300

    • One to one coaching 




    "I have been walking loads, been christmas shopping, been able to get back in touch with friends and family, been skiing, and I feel full of energy.

    My husband and I are now having the life we dreamed of when we got married just 2 months before I started getting ill ☺ Thank you!"


    "A lot of my friends and family have commented on how they have seen a big difference in me as I feel I have much more energy.

    Thank you so much for everything, I feel like the old Clare again loving life!"


    "Working with Simon over a period of months was really helpful with my extreme fatigue.

    I have returned to driving long distances and even mountain-biking which all reinforces the self-belief that I can live the life I want to live".


    Is there a guarantee?

    Yes. Try out the programme for 2 weeks. If you don't see the value, you get a full refund. 

    I give this guarantee as I want to take the risk away from you.

    Around 95% of people see the value they are getting from the training within the 2 weeks and want to continue.

    If you are one of the small number of people who feel it is not for you, then you get your money back.

    No hard feelings - we part on friendly terms. 

    Will this training help me recover?

    It is not ethical to make promises - that is why you get the opportunity to try out the training.

    Having said that, many people do fully recover quickly, some take longer, but are making significant progress towards their health goals. 

    Often these people say that they now feel equipped to work on their health challenges and just need more time.

    I am bedbound. Is this training suitable for me?

    You can do the training at your own pace - you are encouraged to do so. You don't need to do anything out of your comfort zone.

    The training teaches you step by step, how to influence your nervous system, to support your body's healing.

    Many people who are bedbound/very poorly have done the training, found it helpful and have made a full recovery or progress towards their health goals.

    How does the Building Resilience programme compare to other ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia recovery programmes?

    There are many programmes out there.

    Several claim to be the 'best' recovery programme or the only programme that does XYZ.

    I don't believe in making unsubstantiated claims - this is doing you a disservice.

    Also, some will only share the recovery stories and not talk about the people who haven't fully recovered, even though no programme is 100% effective for everyone.

    Each programme is different, with unique aspects.

    The building resilience training incorporates brain training approaches and techniques to regulate your nervous system and heal trauma. 

    In addition the training focuses on practical, pragmatic life skills to help you approach movement and nutrition in sustainable ways, cultivate restorative sleep and build a healthier relationship to yourself and others.

    This is sometimes overlooked when programmes focus primarily on brain training and trauma based approaches.

    The programme is tailored to meet your needs, rather than being an inflexible, dogmatic 'one size fits all' approach.

    You will learn a range of tools, for the simple reason that some people will resonate with some tools more than others and any one of these things can move the needle for you.

    Will this training help with pain?

    If you have pain issues, it is important to discuss this with your Doctor, as there can be many causes of pain.

    If the pain is ongoing - lasting longer than 3 months, then there are other factors that need to be considered.

    The pain that people with ME/CFS and related conditions can be driven by inflammation and can be exacerbated by the way the brain incorrectly processes pain. In these cases, using tools based on neuroplasticity can have an affect on your experience of pain.

    Is the training safe?


    You are not encouraged to push through or do anything that doesn't sit well with you.

    In fact, the opposite is the case.

    My job is to create an environment where you feel safe and are you are encouraged to:

    - Share anything you need to 
    - Tailor the programme to your needs
    - Connect to your authentic self, so you can be guided by your own wisdom

    What is expected of me?

    The programme will only be useful if you:

    - Allow yourself to be a learner
    That means being committed to the programme and being ok if you don't get something or resolve everything quickly.
    Some people make dramatic changes quickly and others take a bit more time. 

    - Apply what you learn
    The tools need to be implemented. It is like learning a language - you have to practice.
    You have to be prepared to do the work and be open to the possibility that you make change more quickly then you thought possible.

    - Engage with the training
    That means that if you have questions, you ask them. How often have you had a question, but didn't ask it? 
    There are no 'daft' questions. Your question may help clarify something for someone else.

    I still have questions

    If you have any questions, get in touch, by clicking on the link and sending me a message. 

    As stated above, there are no daft questions!

    Your question may help someone else.

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